MedRx UltraVac+

UltraVac is a powerful hearing instrument restoration system that belongs in every hearing clinic. Designed to give dispensers and technicians a functional tool for repairing, restoring and maintaining hearing aids. The device is small and effective in removing cerumen and debris from hearing aid tubing and ports, offers vacuum and reverse pulse air flow options to get even the most stubborn wax out of hearing aids.

The system also has a built-in desiccant chamber to remove moisture from hearing instruments, comes with a multi-piece tool kit and has replaceable particulate filters that are easily exchanged.

MedRx utilizes the most powerful pumps and engines in the industry to provide years of reliable service. 110-120V 60 Hz, 100V 50/60 Hz and 220-240V 50Hz versions available.

Features and downloads

  • Digital Display of Chamber Pressure & Time Remaining
  • Automatic Detection of Operating Mode
  • Separate Pressure and Vacuum Wands
  • Minimize Debris in System
  • In-Line Vacuum Filter for added reliability
  • 4 Minute Drying Chamber